Wooden Garden Fence – How to Choose Right Wood and Things to Care For

To protect your garden from prying eyes or to protect yourself from the wind, you have decided to install a wood fence. Only, what essence must be chosen for its fence? Pine, composite wood or exotic wood? Here you will find some elements of answer.

Class 4 wood
Your fence requires a wood suitable for outdoor use, weatherproof and suitable for contact with the ground. Check that it is a class 4 woods. Class 3 wood offers mean resistance to moisture.

Pine, the cheapest wood

Scots pine is certainly the cheapest and most common wood. You will find wooden gates online on a specialized site (ex: The Wood shop) or in a big sign of DIY to realize your fence. The pine is autoclaved, which makes it resistant to the weather. However, it is necessary to maintain it every year by applying a layer of stain or paint.

Exotic woods, reputedly rot-proof
Exotic woods such as teak, sapelli or garapa are naturally weather resistant. Fences made of exotic wood are therefore easier to maintain: a layer of stain can be applied every two or three years. Only downside: they are also more expensive.

Douglas fir and larch

Douglas fir and larch are naturally resistant to weather, mold and insects and are therefore particularly suitable for fences. It is still best to apply a stain on your fence to maintain its luster.

Composite wood
The composite wood fence is made from wood flour and plastic resin, a technique also used for the realization of a work plan for example. It has the charm of wood while having the rot proof plastic. Composite wood offers great strength, long life and low maintenance. This material is however more expensive and less ecological.

What is the price of a wooden fence and its installation?
It may be your project of the year, surround your home  with a wooden fence you want, but you do not know what cost  can have this kind of site? Know first of all that you will protect your loved ones and your animals from the nearby road but also intrusions of stray animals that can be dangerous, relieve themselves on your land (a hello to the neighbor's dog!) And put your vegetable garden or your pool!

Closing and delimiting your house makes it less accessible to robbers in search , but also increases its security , since it allows you to increase the net selling price .

It is a long-term investment that dresses the outdoors, and adds a touch of character to the house in addition to its first destination: to surround and delimit. Price side, everything depends on the type of installation, the surface to be fenced and your choice of barrier. For example, panels and boards can start at 15 dollars and reach 200 dollars for a height of 1 meter and 1.80 meters long.

Wood Fence

Wood Fence
Remove the Protective Fence, Remove the Wooden Fence

Would you like to paint your privacy fence wooden fence? Wood fence is easy to work with and gives a nice color with a diffused look.  Its color does not flake off and lets the wood breathe. For maintenance, you do not need to sand or plan.

Remove privacy fence
You want to delete a new privacy fence, and then you can immediately start with wooden fence. Lightly dilute the first coat of paint with water and simply apply to the wood with a brush. A primer is not required. Allow drying briefly (depending on temperature, 2 hours to 1 day when it is cold) and then apply the second coat. For light colors, especially white, a third layer may be required. You may be able to use Moose RDM at the end only for white, to achieve an extra hard-wearing finish.

A 4-liter bucket is enough to fittings cover 25 m² wooden fences (depending on the absorption capacity of the wood).

Do you have a privacy screen that has already been treated? However, it is very important that the stain does not peel off underneath! You can do this as follows:

•For example, clean with linseed soap (spray your privacy fence with the soapy water)

•Spray the wooden fence e.g. with a high-pressure cleaner in the spray booth.

•Allow to dry and if the undercoat still shines then you have to grind it off briefly (Korn 80)

Of course, it's important that the lower layer does not peel off. But if you follow these three steps, the danger is very small. Again, 4 liters of paint for 25 m² are sufficient if you want to cover your privacy fence.

Remove safety fence: How long does your garden fence stay?
Of course, this depends on the circumstances, but you usually have rest for 4 to 5 years. The maintenance is then very easy, just briefly e.g. with a soapy water or possibly clean with a brush and then paint your wooden fence with wooden paint. Then you have peace again for many years and do not need to plan or grind. And of course you can paint your screen again in a different color, because it is particularly opaque.